Amazon’s high-end Echo Studio smart speaker is available in Canada now

If you use Alexa multi-room audio and you want to up your game, this is for you

Amazon Canada is taking the Echo Studio out of pre-order status today.

The company showed off the high-quality speaker at its event in Seattle on September 25th. Since then, it’s been up for pre-order and today, it’s coming to users.

The device is Amazon’s most ambitious speaker to date and in our brief testing so far, it lives up to that ambition.

Inside, it’s packing a five-speaker array so it can reproduce more depth in its music than the All-New Echo or the Echo Plus. It’s also equipped to handle 3D audio via Dolby Atmos. Although, there are only 1,000 songs on Tidal that support this feature.

The internals of the Echo Studio. (Not the retail version, unfortunately.)

The speaker also automatically adapts its sound output profile to the room it’s in during setup.

Beyond all of the high tech speaker technology, the device still acts like an Alexa voice assistant just like any other Echo device.

You can buy the device for $260 CAD on Amazon.ca and keep your eyes on MobileSyrup.com for our upcoming device review.

Update 07/11/2019: The speaker is currently sold out and won’t be back in stock until December 16th.

Source: Amazon