Ecobee launches new sustainability and money saving features

The new features are designed to reduce energy consumption


Toronto-based smart thermostat company, Ecobee has launched eco+, a suite of free sustainability and money saving features.

The new features are meant to allow customers to supercharge their thermostats and make it easier to reduce their energy consumption.

The first feature is called ‘Smart Home & Away,’ which detects when you’re out of the house even faster than it was able to do so before. It’s designed to save energy and reduce consumption.

Next, the ‘Schedule Recommender’ feature analyzes your schedule and compares it with occupancy patterns to suggest changes that you can make to optimize electricity use.

The ‘Feels Like’ feature measures the humidity levels in your home and then adjusts the temperature accordingly to reduce runtime.

Additionally, the ‘Time of Use’ feature preheats or precools users’ homes when electricity is cheaper and cleaner. Consumption will also be reduced when energy costs more.

Lastly, the ‘Community Energy Savings’ feature will make minor adjustments during times of peak energy demand in a community and reduce strain on the energy grid.

The eco+ features are available for Ecobee smart thermostat with voice customers starting November 5th. The update will roll out to all other customers in the next few months.