I’m doing Extra Life this year for the first time ever

Check out three amateurs trying to raise money for charity

Extra Life SickKids

Every year, thousands of gamers take part in Extra Life, a charitable initiative geared towards raising money for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across North America.

Specifically, people often squad up on a designated ‘Game Day’ to play games for 24 hours straight as part of their fundraising efforts. Many even choose to stream their prolonged gaming session. This year, Extra Life’s Game Day takes place on Saturday, November 2nd.

So why am I mentioning all of this? Well, as longtime readers of MobileSyrup might know, I’m into gaming. You’ll often see my name on some of the bigger gaming news stories and reviews that go up on the site.

So when one of my friends suggested we do Extra Life for the first time ever, I jumped at the opportunity. The idea of merging a passion of mine with the chance to raise some money for a great cause is incredibly exciting.

Since we’re based in the Greater Toronto Area, our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital is Toronto’s SickKids Hospital. Our team name is Canuckboyz and is made up of MobileSyrup contributor Andrew Mohan, our mutual Ryerson University friend Richard Moreno and me.

The great thing about Extra Life is that 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to the hospital. In other words, whatever we end up raising will completely benefit SickKids.

For that reason, it would mean the world to my friends and me if you could support our stream in any way. Whether you can donate or even share our stream with others, that would be a wonderful help.

It’s worth noting that because of the clock change, we’ll actually be playing for 25 hours, from 8am ET on Saturday to 8am ET on Sunday. I don’t want to reveal everything we’ll be playing during that time, but some of the games in our schedule include:

    • Bloodborne
    • Man of Medan
    • MediEvil
    • Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

I’m especially excited for Bloodborne since Andrew has never played a Dark Souls-type game like that before. If you’re like us and want to watch him suffer through that challenging experience, then you’ll definitely want to tune in.

Our team page for donations can be found here. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to tune into our stream on our Twitch channel.

Thank you for your support!

Image credit: SickKids Foundation