Intel purchases software business from Toronto-based company

Intel hopes that the purchase will help with the company's 5G push


In an effort to expand its growth in 5G, Intel has bought a software business from Pivot Technology, a Toronto-based IT solutions company.

The software is called Smart Edge, and helps make computing devices respond faster by splitting up data and storing it. The edge computing platform is designed to run on Intel’s chips, which the company is hoping to sell into equipment for 5G.

The implementation of 5G networks will allow for more data to be kept on computers near cell towers. This will allow large files such as videos to load faster on devices, which would not happen as quickly if the file was stored in data centres.

“We plan to take full advantage of our combined technologies and teams to accelerate the development of the edge computing market,” said Dan Rodriguez, a general manager of Intel’s data centre group, in a statement.

Intel is pushing for 5G because it sees it as a chance for it to grow beyond data centres and computers, which are its two main business segments.

Source: Reuters