Apple adds ability to delete Siri recordings in iOS 13.2

Apple is taking steps to ensure users know what's going on with Siri conversations

Apple has rolled out the iOS 13.2 beta and within the update is a new option to opt-out of having Siri record your conversations.

Now when users install iOS 13.2, Apple presents a popup detailing how some Siri conversations are monitored to ensure the accuracy of the assistant. Users then have the option of opting out of this service.

If you opt-out, Siri will still work, but now your conversations will be blacklisted, so real humans don’t listen to them.

Building off of this, Apple’s also implemented a button to delete your conversation history with the digital assistant.

The tech giant has kind of buried this in the ‘Privacy’ section of Settings under ‘Improve  Siri  & Dictation.’ If you do delete your recordings it deletes your conversations that have not already been sampled by a real worker. If a real worker has listened to the recording, then the users’ data will be stripped from the recording, but the recording will remain, according to MacRumors.

Apple has implemented these controls after earlier this year, it was revealed that the tech giant was using contract workers to listen to Siri recordings to make sure that they were accurate.

After the backlash of that story, the company scrapped the project and promised to integrate better controls in upcoming updates for its products. This update delivers on that promise.

Source: MacRumors