YouTube mobile’s dark theme will soon integrate with Android 10’s

YouTube is the latest Google app to respect the system-wide dark theme toggle

The Android version of YouTube is getting an update that will allow the app’s dark mode to turn on and off to match Android 10’s system-wide dark mode.

YouTube has featured a darker interface option since the summer of 2018, but users need to enable it manually in the app’s settings.

The update is currently rolling out slowly to some people, according to Android Police. The update appears to be server-side, so there’s no way to force the update with an APK. Once you get it, the ‘Dark theme’ option within the app’s settings is renamed to ‘Appearances.’

Tapping on Appearances gives you the option to choose, ‘Use device theme,’ Light theme’ and ‘Dark Theme.’ Selecting the device theme option will match YouTube’s look to whatever option you’ve set for the rest of your phone.

Both Google and Apple added a system-wide dark theme to the latest versions of their mobile operating systems. That has presented app developers with the option to update their apps that they respect whatever theme the user’s phone is running by default.

While this is a great feature for people that love dark mode all the time, it would be great if Android would follow suit with Apple and let the system-wide dark mode automatically turn on when the sun goes down.

Source: Android Police