Microsoft’s Chromium based Edge browser is available for beta testing

Microsoft has been testing its next-generation Chromium-based Edge browser since April with ‘Canary’ and ‘Developer’ builds, updated daily and weekly respectively.

The Redmond-based company now says the reborn Microsoft Edge with Chromium is available for the public beta test, which is tuned toward regular users instead of developers. The ‘Beta’ build will be updated every six weeks in order to deliver a stable user experience.

Both Windows and macOS users can now download the beta build from the Microsoft Edge Insider page.

The beta version contains all of the major features that we expect from the next generation Microsoft Edge, including dark mode, online tracking prevention and a general speed boost from the Chromium platform.

Without specifying a future date, Microsoft says that this will be the last test version of Edge before the final release.

Microsoft Edge is the latest attempt by the company to move away from its ageing Internet Explorer browser. By hopping onto the Chromium platform, which is widely used by users around the world, Microsoft hopes to turn Edge into the Windows browser of choice instead of being a ‘Chrome Downloader.’

Source: Engadget