Apple’s fall iPhone 11 will likely happen on September 10

While it's not set in stone, it seems like this is the date

An asset within the latest iOS 13 beta heavily hints that Apple’s going to show off its new slate of iPhones on Tuesday, September 10th.

Images of the stock iPhone and iPad home screens taken form the beta software shows the calendar icon with the date Tuesday the 10th. The iPhone image file is also called ‘HoldForRelease_.’Last year these images had the 12th on the calendar, which was the exact day Apple unveiled the iPhone XS series and the iPhone XR.

This was found by the Portuguese site iHelp BR, which also noticed that older iPhones have the date Monday, September 23rd on them. This seems to suggest that perhaps the full release of iOS 13 will be September 23rd.

This information lines up with a report from 9to5Mac on August 5th.

Image credit: iHelp BR

Source: iHelp BR, 9to5Mac