Facebook prototypes wristband that lets you ‘feel’ in VR

Facebook has developed a prototype for a wrist-worn bangle that helps the user “feel” what they’re experiencing in virtual reality.

Developed by the social network’s Reality Labs VR research group, the ‘Tasbi’ prototype looks to offer enhanced immersion using squeezes and vibrations. In theory, the user would wear one Tasbi band on each wrist to provide an appropriate sensation when carrying out tasks like pressing a button or picking up an object.

Tasbi wristband

That said, the Tasbi isn’t capable of tracking finger movements itself. For that, the user would still need to wear a VR headset that’s equipped with the proper sensors. In March, John Carmack, CTO of Facebook’s Oculus VR division, said the company is looking into finger tracking with Oculus headsets, although it consumes “a lot of additional power.”

Facebook says it will publish its research paper on Tasbi “in a few weeks.”

Via: UploadVR