SSi Micro partners with Rogers to offer roaming services for customers

Wireless broadband internet service provider SSi Micro has entered an agreement with Rogers to provide roaming services to customers who travel to other parts of the country.

This means those customers will now be able to roam on Rogers’ wireless network when they travel Canada-wide.

SSi is headquartered in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and provides remote-area connectivity in Canada’s North. It was the first company to launch broadband services in all 25 Nunavut communities.

Its customers will be able to use this service by maintaining their plan’s minutes and data with no additional roaming fees.

“Our customers deserve the best possible service, whether at home, at work, or travelling outside Nunavut,” said Jeff Phillipp, founder and CEO of SSi. “As the only network operator with coverage in all 25 communities, SSi Mobile is growing quickly in numbers and popularity with consumers. This partnership with Rogers adds another level of excellence, ensuring the highest quality roaming connectivity across the country.”

Rogers consumer and business customers who previously who were previously only able to roam in Iqaluit, can now roam on SSI’s mobile network while they travel to all of the 25 Nunavut communities the company has coverage in.

“The agreement provides seamless 4G-LTE and GSM connectivity on SSI’s extensive northern network,” an emailed press release said.

This new agreement is part of Rogers’ Extended Coverage that it announced would now be available in Nunavut on July 3rd. Extended Coverage is a service that the carrier offers at no additional fee. To use the service to maintain a data connection, customers must enable roaming on their device.