Canadian-made Reebee is every coupon collector’s dream [App of the Week]

Reebee's features make it easy to browse flyers, create a shopping list and more

Reebee app

If you do a lot of grocery shopping, you know that flyers can be integral in saving money. I know some hardcore couponers that arrive at the store with every flyer you could think of in their hands, ready to price match and get the most excellent deals.

However, Reebee thinks there’s a better way.

This Kitchener, Ontario-based digital platform aims to help Canadians browse and search flyers from hundreds of retailers with ease. Reebee boasts a simple interface, best in class search and the ability to sync across devices.

In my brief experience with Reebee, I can attest to the app’s simple but elegant UI. When you first open Reebee, it will greet you with a digital shelf of flyers you can scroll through. At the top of the app is a selector to switch the category of flyer you want to browse, whether groceries, tools, fashion or more.

There’s also a favourites category for users to add flyers that are frequently used.

Reebee flyers

Along the bottom of the app is a navigation bar that allows users to access features like search and the shopping list quickly.

The search functionality worked well in my experience and rarely failed to find what I was looking for. When you make a search, you can filter results by relevance, store or price. Additionally, search includes a short list of trending items and a history button to quickly find what you’ve looked up in the past.

Shopping list makes price matching groceries a breeze

Reebee search and shopping list

Shopping list, in my opinion, is the more exciting feature. Reebee lets users create a list within the app, then search for the items on the list and connect each item to its corresponding ad in a flyer. As you shop, you can mark off the things you’ve gotten, and it makes it easy to price match at the register as you can quickly find which items are in flyers from other stores.

Plus, you can make an account and sync this across devices, helpful say for someone with a tablet, who can shop and create their list at home on the big screen, then reference it with the phone app at the store.

Reebee add an item

These features seem to be working out for Reebee, which boasts over 6 million downloads across Canada and more than 1.2 million monthly active users. Further, Reebee says that the average family of four saves $3,978 per year on groceries with its platform.

Reebee’s creators, Michal Martyniak and Tobiasz Dankiewicz, distributed flyers together while in fifth grade in London, Ontario. After meeting up again at the University of Waterloo, the two teamed up to create Reebee and deliver digital flyers to all of Canada.

You can download Reebee for free on both iOS and Android, or check out the website to learn more.