DeNA reveals more information about Pokémon Masters mobile game

Pokémon Masters mobile game

DeNA has detailed more information about the developer’s upcoming mobile title Pokémon Masters. 

First and foremost, DeNA plans to release the game this summer on Android and iOS.

In Pokémon Masters, players join gym leaders, elite four members and other notable characters, such as Red, Misty, Brock and Blue to make a dream team for 3 vs. 3 battles.

The setting for the game is an artificial island called Pasio, located somewhere in the Pokémon universe.

In Pokémon Masters, battles play out in real time with a move gauge that allows for fast attacks. Each move uses a certain amount of the Pokémon’s Energy gauge.

There’s also a new mechanic called Sync Moves, which appear to be Pokémon specific Z moves. Similar to Pokémon Sun and Moon, and Pikachu’s Z Move Catastropika, Sync Moves are attacks that the specific Pocket Monsters can use.

Each trainer you collect also has a Sync Pair that is a Pokémon partner. Misty’s Sync Pair is Starmie, Brock has his Onix and Red’s Sync Pair is Charizard.

There appears to be a main character that uses a Pikachu. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems like that might be who the player starts as.

The game will have 65 masters at launch with more coming at a later date.