Dell releases patch for bug found in its vulnerability protection software

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Dell has released a patch to fix a bug in its ‘SupportAssist’ software, which is a program meant to keep computers safe from security vulnerabilities.

Researchers at SafeBreach found the vulnerability on June 17th, and disclosed the information in a public blog post, which promoted the patch release from Dell.

“According to Dell’s website, SupportAssist is preinstalled on most of Dell devices running Windows. This means that as long as the software is not patched, the vulnerability affects millions of Dell PC users,” Peleg Hadar, a researcher at SafeBreach wrote.

Since SupportAssist has the ability to automatically install updates, a third party could potentially use this ability to install malicious code, Hader explained.

Hadar wrote that the vulnerability could also give hackers access to write and read permissions.

Every Dell PC user should download the patch to avoid any problems.

Source: Dell, SafeBreach