YouTube Music and Universal Music Group remastering iconic music videos

Over 100 remastered videos went live today, unfourtantly YouTube only shared 16 examples...

YouTube is partnering with Universal Music Group to replace music videos from the label on the video streaming site with high-definition versions.

So far, the company has highlighted a few from iconic artists like Smokey Robinson, KISS, Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson.

The videos are being seamlessly uploaded to replace the older version so that means the videos will retain its current view count, comments and more.

What you will notice is that the description will include a new line that says “Remastered in HD.” It’s worth pointing out that the George Strait music video doesn’t have this. Instead, it features an HD tag in its title.

Starting today YouTube has uploaded over 100 videos, and the company’s press release says that it’s going to refresh 1,000 videos by the end of 2020.

Here’s a list of examples YouTube shared that have been remastered:

Source: YouTube