Tesla on track for record sales this quarter: rumour

Tesla is turning things around compared to its previous quarter

Tesla could be on its track to pass its current quarterly sales record of 90,700 this quarter since it’s already sitting at 33,000 deliveries in North America alone.

This isn’t the first time this has been leaked about Tesla trying to beat its previous record. The EV company has already taken over 50,000 orders so far this quarter according to earlier reports. 

Electrek is reporting that the automaker is striving to deliver another 33,000 North American vehicles throughout June.

Tesla is offering bonuses to its sales and delivery staff if they meet this goal. Sales employees can look forward to $1,200 USD (roughly $1,600 CAD) and delivery personnel could get $500 USD (roughly $660 CAD). The bonuses will double if the staff hits 36,000 deliveries instead of 33,000, according to Electrek.

The company said that it’s already delivered 2,512 vehicles in North America during a June 5th sales call that Electrek’s source was privy to.

The source also claims the EV company has 10,000 more deliveries scheduled. Following that, it has roughly 6,000 more orders that are close to delivery

While these numbers are only for North America, the high volume of them should help Tesla overtake its previous record from Q4 of last year. 

The company needed a positive quarter like this after its very disappointing Q1 of this year where it lost 710 million.

Source: Electrek