Apple adds dark mode to iOS 13

Apple isn't being left out of the dark mode game

Apple is darkening the traditional iOS interface with a dark mode that covers the entire interface.

Apps look great with all of the white space turned to black. Anything that has Apple’s frosted glass design, like notifications and control centre, is now frosted in a dark grey instead of white.

One of the cooler highlights to this new interface theme is that you can enable it from the control centre and if you want to you can even schedule it to turn on at a specific time each day.

The company has also added in some sleek new wallpapers that change colours depending on if dark or light mode is enabled.

During the demonstration, the company showed off several of its first-party apps with the new dark interface like Messages, Photos, Maps, the new Reminders app and more.

Since Apple is making all apps and the interface dark at the same time, it seems likely that it’s going to get its dark mode out before Google finishes bringing its dark mode to all of its first-party apps.