An official Rick and Morty pocket synthesizer will release this summer

Co-creator Justin Roiland helped produce the device

Rick and Morty vocal synthesizer

Swedish electronics company Teenage Engineering is developing a portable vocal synthesizer and sequencer based on the popular adult animated sitcom Rick and Morty. 

Officially called the PO-137, the device comes with a built-in microphone with features eight different Rick and Morty character options, all voiced by series co-creator, writer and actor Justin Roiland.

Further, the device sports an LCD display, folding stand, 120 seconds of sample memory and an alarm clock.

The Rick and Morty PO-137 will launch online in early July and hit retail stores in November.

Teenage Engineering hasn’t yet confirmed a price for the PO-137, but its other synthesizers cost between $49 USD (about $66 CAD) and $89 (roughly $110 CAD).

The fourth season of Rick and Morty will hit Adult Swim in November.

Source: Teenage Engineering Via: Engadget