Apple’s new Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones are IPX4 water resistant

This means they're splash proof, but you can't immerse them in H20

Apple recently released a new pair of truly wireless headphones under the Beats brand name called the Powerbeats Pro, and it’s now come out that they’re somewhat waterproof.

The company’s marketing materials claim that the headphones feature a “reinforced design for sweat and water resistance.” The reviewer’s guide clarifies this by stating that they’re IPX4 water resistant, reports iMore

Apple’s Powerbeats 3 earbuds were also marketed as sweat resistant, but according to MacRumors, some users had issues with moisture killing them.

It’s hard to tell if this will be an issue with the new wireless Powerbeats Pros, but time will tell if they can withstand a little sweat and water or not.

Source: iMore, MacRumors