Draw your way to a hole-in-one in golf game ‘Drolf’ [Game of the Week]

Drolf also has an AR mode for 3D golfing

Drolf on iOS

Imagine if the next time you play golf, you could add pieces to the course — fill in the blanks, if you will — to help you get the ball in the hole.

That’s the concept behind Drolf, a mobile game that asks you to fill in the blanks of each course. Each level gives you an amount of ‘ink’ for drawing lines to help guide the ball into the hole.

The guides can be as simple as a good angle to bounce a ball off, or much more complex.

As the levels progress, Drolf throws new challenges your way. More complex obstacles to navigate, new threats like magnets and fans to push your ball off course, and much more.

Some levels will close the hole unless you hit a button, while others turn out the lights entirely.

Aside from its simple but challenging gameplay, Drolf sports an excellent sense of style.

The game features unique colour pallets full of awesome pastel colour combinations. I also particularly enjoyed the confetti explosions celebrating each level you complete.

Drolf includes 81 levels spread across nine themes, such as ‘Round and Round,’ ‘Central Mechanics’ and ‘Learning Curve.’

On iOS, Drolf also contains an augmented reality version powered by Apple’s AR Kit. Switching to AR transforms Drolf in Drarlf, and asks you to scan the space around you with the phone’s camera. With the room scanned, you can place the level and play it in 3D.

Further, Drarlf will sometimes put the AR levels inside of things. For example, the one level I tried was placed inside an igloo, and to see the course I had to stand up and look in through the top of it.

Overall, Drolf is a fun little game that turns the basics of golf on their head. It’s free on both iOS and Android, although the AR mode is only on iOS.

The game is ad supported — and it’s worth noting that after the first nine levels, the ads started coming as often as twice per level. If you enjoy Drolf, you can remove the ads for a $2.79 in-app purchase.