Amazon adding Chromecast support to Prime video, Google bringing YouTube to Fire TV

A Christmas miracle in April!

Ending a long-running standoff, Amazon and Google seem to have set aside their differences and are allowing each respective companies’ streaming services on their platforms.

This means that Prime Video’s apps are going to get Chromecast support, and that Fire TV users will now be able to download the official YouTube app.

In addition to this, YouTube Kids is coming to Fire TV, and the Prime Video app will be available on Google’s Android TV platform.

However, It looks like the two tech giants haven’t completely squashed their beef because Amazon still isn’t selling Google Home smart speakers.

Amazon isn’t the only company holding back either. YouTube still isn’t coming to Amazon’s Echo Show smart display.

The two companies have been feuding for quite a while, but this may be the first step in a more permanent resolution to their tech giant cold war.

Source: Amazon, Google, The Verge