Smart email app Spark arrives on Android as Google ends Inbox support

One of the best email apps on iOS has finally made it onto Android

Smart email application Spark is finally available on Android. 

Before today the app was only available on macOS and iOS, but as Google’s Inbox shuts down the company saw an opportunity to help serve the Android space too.

The app uses intelligent email prioritization to help cut out some of the noise in your inbox.

The company breaks up emails into a few categories: ‘Notifications,’ ‘Newsletters,’ ‘Pins,’ ‘Personal,’ ‘New’ and’ Seen.’ This not only helps for keeping your inbox uncluttered, but it also makes marking ceratin email categories as ‘read’ as easy as a single tap.

One of the features I like the most in Spark is getting sharable links to emails. This means you don’t have to forward emails to share information with people.

Additionally, you can snooze emails so they’ll reappear at a more convenient time.

Spark offers other advanced features as well. There’s a natural language search and ‘Smart Notifications’ that only alert you about important emails.  Further, if you pay for the ‘Spark for Teams’ version, multiple people can work together on an email similarly to Google Docs.

Overall, this is a pretty great mobile email client, and it’s just as good on Apple devices. If you happen to have both a Mac and an Android phone, this means Spark is still a great email solution.

You can download Spark on the Google Play Store, iOS and macOS.