Calgary’s YYC has fastest download speed of all Canadian airports: Ookla

Ookla Airport Wi-Fi

Ookla’s recent study of airports with the fastest internet across the U.S. and Canada has revealed interesting results.

Regarding Canadian airports, Calgary’s ‘YYC’ comes in third place with a mean download speed of 67.23Mbps and mean upload of 87.99Mbps. The other three Canadian airports featured in the study, which Ookla says only includes the largest airports across North America, are Toronto’s Pearson International, Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International and Vancouver International Airport.

In what shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who frequently passes through Pearson, the airport comes in second last when it comes to internet speeds, with a mean download speed of 7.14Mbps and a mean upload speed of 8.99Mbps. Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau, on the other hand, sits in dead last with a mean download speed of 6.41Mbps and a mean upload speed of 6.81Mbps.

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In terms of other Canadian airports included in the list, Vancouver’s YVR sits in the seventh position with 50.11Mbps download and 72.19Mbps upload.

The top airport in North America regarding internet download speeds is Seattle’s Seatac Airport with a 103Mbps download speed. Ookla says the airport stole this title from Denver, which held the top slot for the last two years. Denver’s ‘DEN’ now sits in second place with a 78.68 download speed and a 98.75 upload speed.

Ookla performed these speed tests from January through to April 2018 on each airport’s free Wi-Fi. These speeds were then compared with those from March through May 2017.

Source: Ookla