Navigate the Internet of Things With This Master Class

We all knew the internet wasn’t going to be confined to two dimensions for long. What was sci-fi just a decade ago is now commonplace, with cameras, drones, houses and more being controlled online. The Internet of Things is bringing a new world of possibilities — and careers. Prep for yours with the Complete Internet of Things eBook Bundle.

This six-book library will take budding IoT makers from the conceptual to the technical. You’ll get a big-picture view of the way entire systems interact with “Internet of Things for Architects,” then get an exhaustive course in security – an essential part of any IoT system. With subsequent books, you can dive in to explore the tools that best join the Internet to those Things, like Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 chips and MQTT protocols. Packed with fun projects, these lessons will soon have you wired in more ways than one.

The Complete Internet of Things eBook Bundle is on sale now for a huge 89% discount off the cost of the individual books – just $19 for all.