Huawei exec says the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is ‘not good’

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The battle has started in the foldable smartphone market.

Earlier this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, several prominent manufacturers — Samsung, Huawei, TCL, and OPPO — unveiled foldable smartphones that fold out to create a larger display.

While each has unique features and price points, the reign to be supreme is now off the demo show floor and into using words like swords.

According to a report from Business Insider, Huawei’s consumer CEO, Richard Yu, stated the company had a similar prototype to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold but killed the idea because it was “not good” and “it was bad.”

“I feel having two screens, a front screen and a back screen, makes the phone too heavy. We had several solutions, but we cancelled them. We had three projects simultaneously. We had something even better than that [the Samsung Galaxy Fold], killed by me.”

Huawei’s Mate X comes with one flexible OLED display that unfolds outwards to feature an eight-inch screen. The smartphone is expected to launch mid-2019 for $3,425 CAD.

As for Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, this foldable smartphone costs $2,000 UDS and comes with a 4.6-inch display. When opened reveals a 7.3-inch screen. The Galaxy Fold is coming to Canada “in the coming weeks.”