Apple files patent for self-heating display that protects foldable phones from cracking in cold

A recently filed patent indicates that Apple could be working on a self-heating screen that doesn’t crack when it bends in the cold.

Though the patent might seem a little strange at first glance, it could be the saviour for foldable devices in our harsh Canadian climate.

The patent goes over a few different ways of heating up the section of the screen that folds. These methods range from lighting up the pixels on the fold to installing some form of heating hardware.

The patent also shows off a magnet that could be used to keep the phone closed in order to prevent it from opening when it isn’t warm enough.

Overall, this could be another Apple patent that never sees the light of day, but given that a number of smartphone manufacturers revealed foldable devices at MWC, it’s possible the Cupertino, California-based tech giant could be developing its own take on the concept.

It’s also worth noting that another Apple patent related to a device with a foldable display was uncovered few just a few days ago.

Source: U.S. patent and Trademark Office Via: Apple Insider, MacRumors