BMO’s iOS and Android banking app updated with new Interac e-transfer request feature

BMO’s Mobile Banking app for Android and iOS has been updated with a number of useful new features, including the ability to send requests for e-transfers and new bill payee shortcuts.

To find the new request feature, navigate to the Interac e-transfer section of the banking app and select ‘More.’ While this feature probably isn’t useful for everyone, it could come in handy if you frequently split the bill with friends when buying food or other items.

It also means that special friend in your life can no longer use the “oh sorry, I forgot” excuse when it comes to transferring the cash they owe you.

Along with e-transfer requests and payee shortcuts, BMO has also added additional in-app ‘Help’ menu options, as well as compatibility fixes for iOS 12.2. This is a good move on BMO’s part because since updating to iOS 12.2, I’ve found that the banking app frequently lags and crashes.

BMO’s banking app is available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Source: iPhone in Canada