Slack changes its icon again, now has a white background

The icon is similar to the Google Photos and the iOS Photos app icons

Slack app icon

Slack is changing its icon again.

The popular business messaging service recently rolled out an update to its multicoloured hashtag icon, transforming it into a design more reminiscent of a colour splatter.

On mobile and desktop, the colour splatter has a purple background. However, following today’s update, the app icon will have a white background instead.

Slack said in a tweet that this should make the icon easier to see on your device.

Unfortunately, it may have the opposite effect. Some users on Twitter were quick to point out the similarity between the new Slack icon and other icons like Google Photos and Apple’s Photos app.

Regardless, the new change is rolling out now via updates on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. At time of writing, the web version of Slack still had a purple variant of the new logo.

Source: Twitter (@SlackHQ) Via 9to5Google