Forget foldable smartphones: Fortnite skins are the biggest mobile innovation since iPhone

I can't wait to see if Apple puts out an Animoji skin with the next iPhone

New phones are coming out left, right, and centre at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, but honestly, if you’re not putting out a phone with a custom Fortnite skin in 2019, what are you even doing?

Samsung pioneered the trend with the Note 9’s Galaxy skin, then followed it up with a newer skin to celebrate the launch of the S10+ (or maybe the S10+ is celebrating the skin, it’s hard to tell these days.)

Now, Chinese phone brand Honor is taking up the mantle with a new phone called the Honor View 20, which it’s using to kick off the launch of its first custom Fortnite skin, the ‘Honor Guard.’

The Honor Guard is a decent skin. It’s a person dressed in blue leather with a lighter blue motorcycle helmet with a few spiky accent pieces. Overall, if I had to rate the skin, I’d give it a solid 7/10 for being exclusive and having a clever name, but it’s not getting a perfect 10 since it doesn’t seem incredibly original to me.

Since I wasn’t able to review the Samsung skins when they launched, I’m going back and doing it now.

Fortnite Galaxy skin on Android

The Galaxy skin is the pinnacle of bespoke phone/videogame cosmetic upgrades and marketing tools to ever grace this galaxy.

The shooting stars around the avatar’s head and the cosmic-themed clothing tie this character perfectly in with the Samsung Galaxy Brand. As a result, this one gets a perfect 10/10.

The newer K-pop-themed IKONIK skin is bundled with a Galaxy S10+, and it’s kind of a letdown compared to the Galaxy skin. Sure K-pop is massively popular, and tons of people around the world want it, but to me, it doesn’t represent the phone that it’s bundled with, so it loses a few points there. Also, it’s just a dude in a hoodie. The skin’s final score is 5.5/10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Fortnite

You might be reading this and saying, “Brad, seriously, phones are clearly more important than Fortnite skins.” Don’t worry, I used to think that, too, but now I know the truth. Stay tuned as we slowly transition MobileSyrup into Canada’s premiere Fortnite skin/smartphone crossover site, FortniteSkinSyrup.com.

Even FortniteSkinSyrup’s own Patrick O’Rourke is being bombarded with emails from teens who want him to give them his S10+ IKONIK skin, and the same thing happened with the Note 9.

So far, he’s kept both skins for himself, but if someone can beat him in in a 1v1 before Season 8 drops, he’ll give them the skin. Be warned, though: if you lose, you’ll be forced to play Fortnite competitor Apex Legends forever instead.

Source: Twitter