Google patent application reveals company is looking into modularity again

A new patent application granted in January 2018 reveals Google might still be looking into modular handsets.

With the death of Project Ara, many thought Google had given up on their dreams of the perfect modular handset. However, it appears that Google published a patent in September describing modular components.

Going by the illustrations in the patent, it appears as though the camera setup would allow mod users to easily replace the display or the battery.

With Motorola and its Moto Mods, we’ve seen modular accessories that can enhance the phone’s experience with either a bigger battery, better camera unit and even an attachable image projector.

However, a device with a display that’s easily replaceable or a battery would likely make for a highly sought out device, considering the cost of phones nowadays.

Though the patent is fascinating, many published patented devices never see the light of day, so it’s currently unclear if or when Google may launch a modular handset.

Source: Patentscope, Phandroid