Internal Telus memo defends use of Huawei equipment in its network

The carrier has reaffirmed its support for Huawei despite the risk of a ban

Telus sign

Despite rising tensions around Chinese telecom equipment provider Huawei, Telus is staying the course.

The Vancouver-based carrier — and Canada’s third-largest wireless telecom — released a memo to about 30,000 employees last week that defended its use of Huawei equipment in Canadian networks.

Specifically, the memo highlighted the carrier’s technological successes achieved in cooperation with Huawei, according to the Globe and Mail, which learned about the internal memo from sources within Telus. Vice president of communications Jill Schnarr confirmed the existence of the memo to the Globe on January 18th.

Along with technological successes, Telus also used the memo to emphasize that the carrier has worked, and continues to work closely with the Canadian government to address security concerns.

Telus’ executive vice president of technology strategy, Eros Spadotto, sent the memo. Further, Spadotto concluded it by saying: “Clearly, Huawei remains a viable and reliable participant in the Canadian telecommunications space, bolstered by globally leading innovation, comprehensive security measures, and new software upgrades.”

Further, he thanked employees for their “support and assistance with regards to the positive, transparent and innovative-centric partnership we have enjoyed with Huawei.”

Additionally, the memo notes that aligning with Huawei carries several risks. For example, the government could block Huawei from supplying 5G equipment to Canadian carriers. A ban of that nature would undermine Telus’ investments in network infrastructure and could cost carriers $1 billion.

On January 17th, China’s ambassador to Canada, Lu Shaye, warned of repercussions if the Canadian government decided to ban Huawei. However, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said that the government would not be “deterred” and would make the right decision for the country.

Ultimately, the memo seems to be a smart choice on Telus’ part. The company is communicating why it believes in the Huawei partnership to employees that are likely concerned with all the negative press.

Source: Globe and Mail