LG G5 and LG V20 to no longer receive updates or security patches

LG V20

It appears LG is ending support for the V20 and G5.

Similar to the Nexus 5X and 6P, with the latest January security patch it looks as LG will ditch its pair of 2016 flagships.

XDA forum moderator Redline discovered that the V20 is not on the company’s security bulletin page. Meanwhile, by using Wayback Machine, XDA uncovered that the G5 hasn’t been on the page since December 13th.

Since they are no longer on the security maintenance page, it means the phone will not get any updates or security patches. Neither of the two handsets will receive the Android 9 Pie update.

Oddly enough, the LG V20 was supposed to get the Android Pie update. Google requires manufacturers provide two years of Android updates and since the V20 came out in October of 2016, the device technically should have received its the latest major release of Google’s mobile operating system.

Source: LG Security Update Bulletin, XDA Developers