Get a $0 iPhone XR and 10GB of data starting at $115 per month with Bell

If you were looking to pick up an iPhone XR, Bell has a great deal for you.

As part of the carrier’s Boxing Week specials, it’s brought back the $115 per month 10GB Premium Smartphone Plus Ultra plan. If you activate in-store, you can get the iPhone XR 64GB for $0 down on a two-year contract with this plan.

The deal is available nationwide, excluding Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec.

iPhone XR deal Bell

Along with the 10GB of data, the plan nets you unlimited calling, texting and picture messaging. You can get unlimited Canada-wide calling for just $5 more.

If you were to activate online, you could still get the iPhone XR for $0, but the plan would have 5GB of data instead.

Additionally, a one-time $35 connection fee applies when you activate the plan.

To see more information, or to find a Bell store near you, check Bell’s website here.