Google Assistant will soon be able to predict flight delays

Google Assistant will leverage Google Flights' prediction system

Google Assistant is adding new family features

Google Assistant is set to get a new feature that frequent fliers will find helpful: it will soon be able to predict flight delays.

These flight predictions are already available through the Google Flights web app, but now users can access predictions through the Assistant. Questions like “Hey Google, is my flight on time?” or “What’s the status of the Air Canada flight from Toronto to Vancouver?” should summon delay predictions.

Google makes predictions using a combination of machine learning and historical flight status data. Further, the company says it can give these predictions with an 85 percent confidence rating.

Additionally, delay notifications will supply reasons for the delays whenever possible.

While other services send delay notifications, Google is notably the only company that provides predictions. Most airlines will offer delay notifications through their apps, but Google’s predictions typically reach users before the airlines notify customers.

As beneficial as that is, Google’s predictions are just predictions. In other words, you should still show up on time for your flight because the prediction could be wrong or change.

Still, it’s a useful feature and availability through the Google Assistant will only increase the usefulness of it.

Source: Google Via: The Verge