Google web search on mobile gets Material Design update

The update seems to be widely rolling out

Following the roll-out of the new Material Design to Google Search on the web, mobile search is getting the redesign as well.

Unlike the desktop homepage, Google’s mobile website features a rounded search bar along with several other aspects of the modern design. This includes other rounded elements like buttons and a navigation drawer in the top left corner.

The navigation drawer offers quick access to Collections, Settings, ‘Your data in Search’ and more.

Google Search old (left) and new (right)

Old Google Search (left) vs. new Google Search (right)

In some regions, the redesign also includes the new Google Discover news feed. However, this wasn’t present on my devices at the time of writing.

Additionally, the new design detaches the search categories — like ‘All’ and ‘Images’ — from the search bar. Instead, the new design has the search categories floating beneath the search bar.

Google Search results old (left) vs. new (right)

Old Google Search results (left) vs. new Google Search results (right)

Some people may find the mobile update less dramatic than the desktop update as the mobile website has undergone extensive A/B testing. I was hardpressed to point out the differences myself.

Interestingly, when I compared the look of Google on an iPhone to a OnePlus 6T, the 6T featured the older look. However, some searches resulted in Google Search switching to the more modern look.

Ultimately, it appears the visual tweaks are rolling out more widely to users now. It may take some time before the changes surface on your device.

Source: 9to5Google