New leak reveals OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition design and specs

Leak reveals the McLaren Edition has 10GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and carbon fibre tinged with orange under the glass backplate

OnePlus 6T

A new leak has revealed the upcoming OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition ahead of its December 11th unveiling.

The leak, which comes from Twitter user Ishan Agarwal (@IshanAgarwal24), shows several angles of the phone, along with a press image detailing specifications.

According to the press image, the McLaren edition will feature 10GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and ‘Warp Charge 30.’ It appears Warp Charge will replace what used to be Dash Charge. Further, the promo image suggests it will provide “a day’s power in 20 minutes.”


This likely means the phone uses a more powerful charger. Potentially, the charger could use Oppo’s Super VOOC charging technology.

While the specs are indeed impressive, it’s not clear how useful something like 10GB of RAM will be in day-to-day use.

Additionally, the rear of the phone features a carbon fibre finish beneath the glass backplate. There’s also an orange accent around the bottom of the phone that almost appears to glow at first glance.

The leaked OnePlus marketing material calls the accent ‘Speed Orange.’

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition promotional leak

Beyond that, there’s little visual change between the McLaren Edition and the standard OnePlus 6T model, other than a McLaren logo on the phone.

Overall, it looks like the McLaren Edition 6T could be a great addition to the OnePlus line. However, the question remains whether the boosted specifications will be worth the likely premium price of the device.

Source: Ishan Agarwal Via: 9to5 Google