Rogers calling ex-customers to offer 10GB plans for $70


A Freedom Mobile subscriber posted on RedFlagDeals that Rogers reached out to them and offered them a 10GB plan for $70 plus $170 in bill credits before taxes.

The subscriber was with Rogers until they recently switched to Freedom. This plan is part of Rogers’s ‘Win Back’ offers, so it will be difficult for regular people to get the deal.

It does confirm that Rogers is willing to offer this deal to some customers, so don’t be afraid to play hardball and try to ask for it. The Freedom subscriber was contacted using the number 1-855-293-3747 so other people trying to find the right deal can try it.

More than one person is reportedly being offered this deal, but some people are claiming that this is worse than last month’s Rogers Win Back offer. Last month, it was reported on RedFlagDeals that Rogers was offering $80 for 10GB with a $500 bill credit and a waived activation fee. Maybe there will be a better deal down the line, but if you’re paying more than $100 for your data, try to hop on this.

Source: Red Flag Deals