Canadians prefer shopping for clothes and accessories online: Report

Online shopping in Canada is taking over

The Canadian version of Ebates took a poll to find out more about Canadian’s shopping habits and discovered that the majority of us enjoy shopping online.

Precisely 1,011 Canadians took a survey over the course of September 2018. Ebates claims that this means the firm’s results should be accurate within plus or minus three points.

Around 82 percent of Canadians have bought clothes or accessories online in the past, and when they’re shopping online, they spend an average of $330 on their most expensive clothing item, according to Ebates’ study.

On average, 69 percent of Canadian men and 75 percent of Canadian women shop online for clothes.

Some statistics that come as no surprise include the fact that 63 percent of Canadians are able to find better deals online. Further, 50 percent of online shoppers in Canada do so to access stores and brands that are not located close to their physical location. Of course, to cap it off, 48 percent of people in Canada like to shop online simply because there is more selection.

What is surprising is that 71 percent of Canadians say that shopping online is more fun than shopping in a physical store. A smaller 18 percent of people enjoy buying products online since it is easier to return them.

Canadians are most likely to buy clothes and footwear online, as well as look for deals on these two product categories.

Regarding luxury items, Canadians are more likely to buy accessories like jewelry and watches instead of luxury clothing, bags and footwear.

Source: Ebates Canada