Live depth-of-field control coming to iPhone XS, XS Max

The feature is currently available in iOS 12.1 beta 1

While the iPhone XS and XS Max are currently capable of adjusting a photo’s depth-of-field after the image has been captured, it looks like Apple has plans to allow this feature to work while taking a picture, according to a new report from Macerkopf.

This would move Portrait Mode’s new bokeh effect to be more in-line with the ‘Live Focus’ feature included in many of Samsung’s more recently released smartphones, including the Galaxy S9/S9+ and the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung’s devices allow users to adjust an image’s depth-of-field while a photo is being shot, as well as during post-production.

Live depth-of-field is currently available in iOS 12.1 beta 1, according to 9to5Mac. It’s worth stating again that Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices currently only allow for bokeh to be altered after a photograph has been taken.

It’s unclear when Apple plans to officially release this subtle tweak to Portrait Mode’s new depth-of-field functionality. Given that its already available in iOS 12.1’s beta, a full release likely isn’t far off.

Source: Macerkopf  Via: 9to5Mac