City of Toronto launches new ‘TOwaste’ app to help with waste disposal

The city's newest app helps take out the trash

Ontario’s capital and Canada’s largest city is looking to make residential waste management as easy as possible with the new TOwaste app.

The app is free-to-download on both iOS and Android, and it functions the same on both platforms.

“The TOwaste app was recommended as part of the City’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy to support the City’s reuse and diversion goals,” said Jaye Robinson, Toronto City Councillor for Ward 25, in a September 24th, 2018 media release.

“The app is designed to make it as easy as possible for residents and visitors to participate in the City’s waste diversion programs.”

After a brief tutorial to the app, users begin in a section called ‘Waste Wizard.’ This section allow users to find out which pieces of trash go into specific bins.

For example, a styrofoam plate goes in the blue bin, unless it’s black foam, then it has to go in the garbage bin.

The City claims over 2,000 items are in the Waste Wizard section, so figuring out which piece of garbage goes into which bin has never been more accessible.

The TOwaste app’s ‘Collection Schedule’ section allows users to learn their specific garbage pick-up schedule.

Users simply need to input their address and the app will provide information about the current week’s and the following week’s schedule.

There’s even a reminder feature that notifies users about collection times and service interruptions 12 hours in advance.

It’s worth noting that this feature only works for Torontonians with day-time curbside collections.

The TOwaste app’s ‘Drop-off’ section is a map of the city that shows the user’s nearest drop-off and donation centres. Choosing a drop-off depot will show the location’s hours and which types of waste it accepts.

The section also allows users to apply up to 10 filters to find out which items are accepted by donation centres across the city. These filters range from things like clothing, sports equipment and furniture to more niche items like electronics, pet supplies and tools.

Toronto is far from the first city to implement an app like this. For example, residents of Vancouver, Ottawa and Victoria have been able to download apps to help them organize their trash days for quite a while.

Android users can download the TOwste app here, and iOS users can get their version here.

Source: The City of Toronto