You can make Bixby harder to activate so you don’t do it by accident

Users can double-press the Bixby button to activate the assistant

Note 9

Samsung is providing users with a new way to activate Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Instead of single-pressing the Bixby button to activate the voice assistant, users can now set it to a double press.

Likely, the reasoning behind this is to cut down on accidental button presses. On the Note 9, the dedicated Bixby button sits just below the volume buttons. Undoubtedly, the button gets plenty of unintentional clicks and presses.

Unfortunately, there’s still no option to disable the button entirely. With previous Samsung devices, this was a great way to avoid accidental Bixby triggers. However, Samsung decided to remove the option on the Note 9.

Also, if you want to customize the Bixby button, you’ll have to look elsewhere. There are plenty of apps on the Play Store that allow users to set custom commands to the button.

To get the new double-press option for the Bixby button, you’ll need to make sure your Bixby is up to date. To do so, navigate to Settings, then About Bixby and tap Update.

Source: Android Authority