Second Android 9 Pie-based OxygenOS beta build now available on OnePlus 6

The new build includes Wi-Fi stability and power consumption fixes

The OnePlus 6 is 'Silk White'

Over the weekend, OnePlus issued its second Android 9 Pie-based OxygenOS beta build for the OnePlus 6. The new build follows Open Beta 1, which OnePlus released last week.

With the new build OnePlus is promising several fixes and enhancements, including improved Wi-Fi stability, optimized power consumption control and a better pocket mode algorithm to reduce accidental touches. Additionally, the company says the update includes a better optimized multi-tasking user interface and an image quality bump for the OnePlus 6’s front-facing camera.

As with all beta software, there are still plenty bugs to be found. Of the issues it knows of, OnePlus says Google Pay doesn’t work properly in Open Beta 2. Likewise, the company warns not all third-party apps will work without issue.

OnePlus 6 owners who already have Open Beta 1 installed on their device can update to the new beta build via an over-the-air update. Otherwise, checking out what Android 9 Pie looks like on the OP6 involves flashing the software onto the phone.

To submit bug reports, OnePlus is encouraging Open Beta users visit its dedicated bug report forum. Alternatively, beta users have the option of providing feedback via the OnePlus Community App, which comes pre-installed on the OnePlus 6.

In other OnePlus news, the company started teasing its next smartphone this morning.

Source: OnePlus