Transport Canada is investing $265,000 to prepare for a driverless future

Canada is getting serious about autonomous vehicles

The Government of Canada is investing $265,000 CAD to help Canadians prepare for a future with connected and self-driving vehicles.

The money is being invested through the Program to Advance Connectivity and Automation in the Transportation System and will go towards a variety of projects.

In Ottawa, $140,000 will help install smart traffic signals that can improve traffic flow and reduce vehicle emissions.

The Canadian Automobile Association is receiving $25,000 to educate drivers about connected vehicles and autonomous car safety.

Unmanned Systems Canada is launching a competition to help students learn about self-driving technologies. This project will take $50,000 out of the investment.

Another $50,000 is being sent to Carleton University to help learn about how connected and self-driving vehicles are going to influence infrastructure and city planning.

The government is planning to complete all of these projects by the end of March in 2022.

“Connected and automated vehicle technology has immense potential and will have a tremendous impact on our transportation system, while our clean technologies are a key part of Canada’s approach to sustainable economic growth. Through projects like these, we develop technologies and practices that will generate new economic opportunities for middle-class Canadians,” said Canada’s transport minister, Marc Garneau in an August 29th press release.

Transport Canada is also working with other governments through the UN to help develop guidelines and regulations that promote technological growth safely in the autonomous car space.

Source: Transport Canada