Hit mobile game Monument Valley is being made into a movie

This is an interesting project to keep an eye on

The beautiful and mind-bending mobile game Monument Valley is being turned into a movie.

As reported by Deadline: Hollywoodthe film will be a live-action/CG hybrid aimed at family audiences. Director Patrick Osborne, who is best known for the Oscar-winning animated short film Feast, is attached to the film. The movie is also a joint project between Paramount Pictures and Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road Pictures.

For anyone who has played Monument Valley or Monument Valley 2, the fact that the game is being turned into a film is likely surprising news.

As with most games, the medium is really important to the experience. Since it’s a puzzle game, Monument Valley’s story is largely told as the player interacts with the game world. This helps players become engrossed in a game’s story and provides a sense of accomplishment that’s hard to recreate through film.

It remains to be seen how well these aspects of Monument Valley will translate to the big screen, but every once in a while a weird project like this ends up becoming something really interesting.

There are some aspects of the game that do seem like they would feel right at home in a movie. Monument Valley’s Escher-inspired levels offer an opportunity to create a mind-bending visual treat, and while the plot is minimal, it’s still beautiful in its simplicity.

Source: Deadline