Niantic implements new Pokémon Go three strike banning policy

Strike one, strike two, strike three and you're banned from Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go wallpaper on phone

Niantic has implemented a new set of rules in Pokémon Go that sets up a ‘three-strikes-and-you’re-out’ policy.

The rules have been put in place to deter cheaters, while also giving people a fair warning when they break the rules.

The first strike is a warning message that appears in the Pokémon Go app if the company thinks that you’re cheating. The game also decreases the chances of rare Pokémon spawns and excludes the user from getting new EX Raid Passes for seven days.

If the user breaks the rules again then Niantic will follow up with an account suspension. The temporary ban lasts for 30 days and during that time the user will not be able to log into their account.

Strike three is the final infraction, with users who continuously breaking the rules having their account banned forever. This is a harsh punishment, but the new three strike policy should give users two chances before this happens.

There’s a way to appeal a terminated account, but the Niantic states in its rules that “due to the high level of accuracy in our detection systems, very few terminations are ever overturned.”

Niantic says that these punishments will start happening to users who GPS spoof their location or violate the game’s terms of service and Trainer Guidelines.

Source: Niantic Via: iMore