Magic Leap mixed reality headset coming this summer

Magic Leap One headset

Magic Leap has announced that a developer-facing Creator Edition of its ‘One’ mixed reality headset is set to launch this summer.

The company revealed the release window in a developer chat on Twitch. During the stream, Magic Leap also confirmed that the headset will use NVIDIA’s Tegra X2, a fairly powerful chip for mobile devices. In terms of battery life, Magic Leap declined to cite specific numbers, stating that it would be up to developers to determine how demanding applications will be.

While it’s unclear how much the One headset will cost, Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz has hinted that the device may be priced similarly to the iPhone X, which retails for $1,000 USD ($1,319 CAD). It’s important to note that Magic Leap plans to release multiple mixed reality headsets, which will presumably differ in capabilities and pricing.

Currently, Magic Leap’s major competitor in the mixed reality space is Microsoft, which has already released its more powerful HoloLens headset. For context, the HoloLens’ developer model costs $4000 CAD, while a commercial build is priced at $6,669. General consumers, meanwhile, can purchase Microsoft’s more affordable Windows Mixed Reality headsets, which are all $600 CAD and under.

It’s also uncertain how the Magic Leap One will be distributed in Canada and other regions. Earlier this week, Magic Leap announced an exclusive partnership with American telecom giant AT&T, although international plans were not disclosed.

Via: Engadget