Reddit is beta testing a ‘News’ tab on iOS devices

The company is trying to combat fake news

Reddit is testing out a News tab on its mobile app through a new update.

The update is currently rolling out to iOS users and basically adds a third section to the app. Users now have three options to swipe through on the main screen: ‘News,’ ‘Home’ and ‘Popular.’

Once users get into the News tab they can pick from topics like ‘Politics,’ ‘Business,’ ‘Technology’ and more. Some topics, like ‘Sports’ and ‘Entertainment’ can even be expanded so users can dial in further on a subtopic.

When a user clicks on the Entertainment topic they can choose from subtopics like movies and television.

Once the user selects what topics they want to follow they can swipe over to the News tab and see an aggregation of news from a variety of subreddits. Most of the stories that appear in the News tab are written by actual news publications instead of user posts.

So far this update is only rolling out to iOS and the company has yet to say when the feature will launch to the rest of the public.

Lots of apps are trying to streamline how users get their news. Twitter, Google and Microsoft have both revamped their apps in the last few moths to add a news section as well. It will be interesting to see how well these news sections do at combating the spread of fake news.

Source: TechCrunch