Instagram is reportedly launching a long-form video hub on June 20th

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Instagram is holding a “special event” on June 20th that many believe will be the reveal of the Facebook-owned social network’s long-form video service.

The event was first reported by TechCrunch, with the publication also revealing additional information about the reported long-form video hub.

In the video hub users are able to upload 4K, full-screen, vertically-oriented videos without Instagram’s 60-second time limit. The uploaded videos will then head to a centralized hub that features popular videos and an option to watch clips that the user has already started.

Further, Instagram is in the process of meeting with media stars and content houses to establish partners for the June 20th reveal. The content will feature mid-level quality, as it’s meant to match video on YouTube and not prestige television like HBO. Additionally, Instagram will let users add a link that can be visited if the viewer swipes up on the video.

Instagram also plans on allowing creators to earn money off their long videos, although it’s yet to be determined how exactly the content will be monetized.

It’s also currently unclear how the new feature will be named or where it will appear.

Additionally, it’s possible that the announcement has nothing to do with the video hub.

It’s also unclear if Instagram will launch the rumoured service in Canada. More will be revealed on June 20th when the social network makes an official announcement.

Source: TechCrunch