Users can now customize the look of their Firefox browsers

Firefox just became the best-looking browser

Mozilla’s Firefox browser is testing out new custom colour and theme options that will let users alter all of the colours of the browser.

The feature is available to test through the Firefox Test Pilot Program website.

If users visit this website in Firefox, they’ll be prompted to test out the colour picker. The colour picker page lets users change the colour of everything involved with the tab and search bars.

The interface is super simple with a classic colour selection widget that lets users enter RGB values, HEX codes or simply select the colour from the palette slider.

Besides creating your own theme, there’s also a list of other pre-made themes that users can choose from. Users can also save their custom theme and share it with friends.

As someone who really enjoys customizing my stuff and having bright colours, this might be the feature that makes me finally switch away from Chrome.

Source: Mozilla Via: The Verge