PIE is a smart tape measure for incessantly checking your waist size [Sticky or Not]

Need an automated way to check your body size constantly? PIE is your gadget

“Body size matters: There is more to health than weight.”

That’s the tagline for PIE, a smart tape measure “dedicated to improving health and fitness.”

It aims to provide something currently left out of the metrics provided by the fitness trackers and smart scales — waist size.

Users wrap the tape around your body (whether it be waist, neck, thigh etc.), fasten it, and save the measurement to a connected app with one click.

The company behind PIE, Bagel Labs, says waist measurements are important because sometimes when burning fat and increasing muscle mass, there may be times when the user weighs a little more even though their body is getting smaller and tighter.

“Compared to weight or BMI, measuring your body size is also superior in detecting health risks such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease,” the company writes on its Kickstarter page.

The accompanying app tracks your measurements and allows you to set goals. It’s currently available for around $80 CAD with an expected July 2018 shipping date.

Verdict: Not sticky.

Let’s be real, this is an implement of shame. It’s for incessantly checking your waist size, which isn’t, in fact, clearly indicative of a person’s overall health. I say incessantly, because what other reason could there be for checking often enough that you need a dedicated gadget?

Don’t get me wrong, the few times I’ve had to measure myself for clothing, I could have put this to good use, but unless you’re a tailor, I wouldn’t recommend tying yourself in knots over this guilt-inducing doodad.