Telus and government to invest $23.3 million in improved internet for eastern Quebec

 Basse-Côte-Nord is getting high-speed internet and wireless improvements

Quebec Canada flag

The province of Quebec has announced that a sum of $23.3 million CAD will be invested into improving telecommunications services in the Basse-Côte-Nord region.

Specifically, the provincial government will contribute $11.05 million to the project through its Société du Plan Nord, while the federal government will make invest an equal amount through its Connect to Innovate program.

Telus, meanwhile, will invest an additional $1.2 million into the project and handle the actual networking improvements.

The province says upgrading this network will provide Basse-Côte-Nord residents with high-speed internet, as well as aid in the establishment of cellular telephony services.

According to the province, the Basse-Côte-Nord region telecommunications network serves 14 communities spread over nearly 400 km but is no longer able to satisfy the population’s needs.

Telus’ project aims to increase the data transmission capacity of the current internet service by 40 times. Field surveys will begin in July 2018 with the goal being to implement the service gradually, starting in fall 2019.

Source: Canada Newswire